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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a eyewear discount? helps you find reviews and discounts available on popular eyewear brands.

How do eyewear discount offfers work?

To access a eyewear discount, select merchant brandh name from the Select A Store Name drop down. Alternately, you can type in the search box, the name of a store Then, select the name of the store and follow the directions on the eywear review and discounts page to access additional details on the promotion/savings.

What should I do if a eywear retailer is not found on

If this is the case, please Contact us and let us know the store name. We will add the available coupon/promotions as soon as possible.

Does guarantee that the reviews/discounts/promotions are valid?

We do our best to maintain accurate review and discount information for every merchant we support. Still, we request that customers use the links and data on as-is basis without any warranty/guarantees. If you do not agree with this  statement, do not use our discount offer links. is not responsible for any missed or incorrect discount/coupon/promotion offers for any reason.